As long as there’s one…there’s one too many


Inspired by the value of one, One Too Many sensitively addresses children’s rights to shelter, clothing, healthcare, food, water, education, safety, and belonging.

Inspired by the power of one, One Too Many enlivens the imagination and sparks conversations to empower practical action towards social justice and social responsibility.

Written by Linda Grace Smith - Illustrated by Emmi Ojala

We are living in a world of terrible injustice especially for children. And our consumer society shields us from its reality. Our children never feel the pain of injustice, and so grow up with little concern for social justice. This lovely little book will give a wonderful opportunity to engage our children on this significant issue. I have already used it with my grandchildren and recommended it to pastors I am training. I hope it may contribute to wider awareness of the wrongs that permeate our globe.
— Dr. Michael Goheen, Director of Theological Education
One Too Many by Linda Grace Smith is an important and timely book that creates opportunity for discussions and action surrounding social justice issues such as poverty, education and safety. It is touching, powerful and inspiring. Simple, powerful text and lovely illustrations by Emmi Ojala. Great for both primary and intermediate students.
— Adrienne Gear, Literacy Educator and Author
Author Linda Smith has found that perfect balance between simplicity and complexity that makes One Too Many an ideal book for teachers and parents to explore social justice issues with children of any age. If we aspire to raise an empathetic and socially responsible generation then we have a responsibility to show them how to be the problem solvers and change agents the world needs. One Too Many creates a catalyst for deeper engagement and critical thinking that is needed to show youth the power of one.
— Jonina Campbell, Educator and School Board Trustee

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